Education Days

Invite your local CaptionCall account manager to spend some time in your office educating your patients about the CaptionCall phone and service. While there, they can provide a variety of services:

  1. Educate patients on the benefits of staying socially connected
  2. Show features of the CaptionCall phone and how easy it is to use
  3. Address eligibility requirements
  4. Explain how CaptionCall can be made available to them at no cost
  5. Explain why understanding conversations by phone can be very difficult

CaptionCall Education Days not only provide value for your patients who have an appointment that day, they give you an opportunity to invite other patients into your office for a CaptionCall demo—an additional touchpoint for you and your staff with many of your current patients. To schedule a CaptionCall Education Day for your practice, simply reach out to your local account manager to arrange a time that works for both of you.

Education Days

Learn more about Education Days

Get more information about Education Days here. Download the Education Days PDF flyer.