Certify Using Office Management Software

Helping an eligible patient get telephone captioning couldn’t be easier. With CaptionCall, you can certify a patient’s hearing loss with tools you already use. Find instructions below to request CaptionCall services using your office management software (OMS).

Blueprint OMS Logo

Blueprint OMS

In the main navigation, select Patient > Forms > CaptionCall.

CounselEAR Logo


While in the Patient screen, select Actions > CaptionCall.

HearForm Logo


On the home page, find the forms window, select the tab with the form type you want, and select CaptionCall from the list.

Hearing Fusion Logo

Hearing Fusion

While in the patient detail screen, select the CaptionCall button at the top.

Sycle.net Logo


Within the Patient Summary page, locate the CaptionCall section. Click No Cost Phone.

TIMS for Audiology Logo

TIMS for Audiology

Select the patient, click the Selected Reports icon in the Patient Summary Panel. Click the CaptionCall Form button from the menu.