How CaptionCall Works

Telephone captioning transcribes your phone calls so you can read and understand every detail.

Make or answer a call as usual with CaptionCall

Step one

Make or answer a call as usual with CaptionCall.

A CaptionCall agent transcribes what the other person says

Step two

A CaptionCall agent transcribes what the other person says.

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Step three

You read the conversation — you can save the captions, too!

Why phone captioning is important

  • Trouble hearing on the phone is common, even with hearing aids
  • Regular phones make it hard to distinguish speech tones
  • Phone calls have no visual cues to support understanding
  • People with hearing loss can lose the benefits of social interaction
  • CaptionCall can help people stay connected with life

How CaptionCall does captions right

  • Captions add visual support to what you hear
  • CaptionCall phones give extra amplification
  • Agents help improve caption accuracy compared to computer voice recognition
  • You can pair wireless hearing aids for extra convenience
  • CaptionCall has traditional and mobile phone captioning options

CaptionCall Hearing Screener

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CaptionCall Mobile FAQs

Will the CaptionCall phone work with my hearing aids?

Yes. You can pair wireless hearing aids with both a landline CaptionCall phone and with your mobile phone to stream audio. The CaptionCall phone or CaptionCall Mobile App displays captions of what you hear.

Can I use the CaptionCall phone to call 911 in case of emergency?

Yes. Dialing 911 will connect you with emergency services just like any phone. Be aware that the captioning will not work on a CaptionCall landline phone if the power is out (you can still make an audio call). When using CaptionCall Mobile, emergency services will use the address you provide at setup as your location. Click here for more information about emergency calls.

Can I keep the same phone number?

A traditional CaptionCall phone uses your existing landline phone. The CaptionCall Mobile App assigns you a new mobile number; most people forward their existing mobile number to use the app.

Will using CaptionCall increase my monthly phone bill?

No. Telephone captioning is a no-cost ADA service the government provides to people with hearing loss who have trouble communicating on the phone.

Can I still use the other phones in my home?

Yes. Every other phone will work as usual. The captioning service requires a landline CaptionCall phone or the CaptionCall Mobile App.