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Communicate easier with advanced call captioning at no cost to people with hearing loss who need captions to use the phone.

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Reclaim your life after hearing loss

Hearing loss can negatively impact your confidence and relationships. We hear you, and we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way. Captioned phone service can reconnect you to your social life, restoring your independence, self-esteem, and social/professional fulfillment.

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About our basic, no-cost captioned phone

CaptionCall phones are optimized for individuals with hearing loss. The unit uses voice-to-text technology, assisted by captioning agents, to transcribe your conversation so that other speakers’ words appear on your CaptionCall screen.


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Easy to use

Our simplistic captioned phone is basic and intuitive to use. It can be incorporated effortlessly into your life.

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Fast and accurate captioning

CaptionCall transcribes your phone call in real time so you never miss a word or the point of the conversation.

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No-cost service

CaptionCall is federally funded as part of Title IV of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), so there’s no cost for qualifying individuals.

No-cost captioning app

If you no longer use a landline or just love the convenience of mobile calls, you can enjoy mobile captioning, too. The CaptionCall Mobile app and captioning service are provided at no cost to people with certified hearing loss.


What you can do with the CaptionCall Mobile App

Make and answer calls as usual. Use an in-app dial pad and choose to show captions when you answer a phone call.

Follow the conversation. Captions smoothly display what your caller says on your mobile device.

See incoming calls. CaptionCall Mobile will post an alert on your screen when a call comes in.

Receive voicemail. If you miss a call, CaptionCall Mobile saves a recording with captioning.

Save calls. Save conversations to keep track of dates, call details, and reminders.

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What people say about CaptionCall

“I love it. I’m 93 with only 6% hearing in one ear and 30% in the other. I have had a very hard time talking to anyone, especially when they talk too fast. This is a very helpful communication tool and I’m so thankful to have the use of it. I quite likely lost most of my hearing as a result of mortar and artillery shells landing near me in WWII.”


from Des Moines, WA

“For me the biggest advantage is that CaptionCall works with both my hearing aid types. What I’ve found here is a miracle for me. I can live more of a normal life. Without the hearing aids I hear nothing. The text on the CaptionCall phone is still important because understanding some people is difficult.”


from Reading, PA

“I have had my CaptionCall phone for over 2 years — I wish I had it 14 years ago! I hear some words, but others I do not and this phone allows me to read what my caller is saying. The CaptionCall phone makes my life much easier. I recommend it to my friends who have problems like I do. Please keep up the good job you are doing.”


from Henderson, NV

“This phone is a great piece of equipment, both in looks and performance. My hearing is so bad I almost gave up answering calls in the past, but with my new CaptionCall phone, the sound quality along with captioning is fantastic!”


from Shingletown, CA

“I am a bilateral cochlear implant user. Your CaptionCall phone is the best thing I have ever found to make and receive phone calls. I just recently found out that you had a CaptionCall mobile app for the iPad. IT’S WONDERFUL!!! Now I can receive phone calls when out and traveling.”


from Englewood, FL

“It is a relief to be able to do your own personal and business calls rather than having someone else do it for you.”


from Attleboro, MA

“I have lost all of my high-frequency hearing, which makes it totally impossible to understand what people are saying on a regular telephone or cell phone. The CaptionCall phone is my lifeline to telephonic communication. I’ve had my CaptionCall phone for over 10 years and I would be completely lost without it!”


from Melbourne, FL

“I am so happy to be able to communicate with my family. They are so used to not calling me, I had to remind them and show them the unit. AMAZING! Totally grateful for opening up conversations. Tears of JOY… thank you so much.”


from Decatur, IL

“I was not able to use the telephone for several years. Calls went unanswered because of my hearing loss. New, expensive hearing aids did not help. I had given up using the phone completely. When CaptionCall informed me that I could get a CaptionCall phone I was somewhat skeptical. This phone made all the difference. I now answer the telephone without a problem and again feel connected to the world.”


from Romulus, MI

The next step to effortless conversations

If you have hearing loss and need captioned telephone service, fill out our online service request form so we can arrange a time to install your phone.


Why choose CaptionCall?

No cost for captions—ever

No cost for captions
— ever!

Telephone captioning is provided as an ADA government service. CaptionCall does not charge for the phone, captioning service, delivery, or any customer support.

Exceptional phone technology

Exceptional phone technology

CaptionCall provides smooth, easy-to-read captions in real time. Our captioning agents help give more accurate transcripts than computer voice recognition technology.

Outstanding customer service

Outstanding customer service

CaptionCall customer satisfaction scores rank alongside the world’s best-known brands. Our staff is known as much for their friendly personalities as their exceptional skills.

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